Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Custom Event Design?

We are an entertainment company based in Richmond, VA specializing in the production of Custom Horse Race DVDs. Our company started in 1989 and very quickly developed an excellent reputation for our Horse Racing parties that spread all across the United States. We have a sister company, Group Dynamics Entertainment, Inc. that specializes in Casino events. GDE has done events in twenty-one states for clients, many of which are fortune 100, 250, and 500 companies.

Do I need to know anything about horse racing?

Absolutely not! In addition to the excitement and high energy, the simplicity greatly adds to the appeal for you and the attendees. There is no need for you to use horse racing terminology or verbiage.

What do I do once I book the event?

Send us thirty names of people that they know will be at the event that they would like to be “Horse Owners”.

If you would also like to name the horses, then send us thirty “horse names”. Our announcer will then go into our studio and produce a voice-over of the races using the names that you provided. “Horse Owners” could be, for example: corporate officers, managers, department heads, staff, etc. If the event is for a club the “Horse Owners” could be members of the board, club members, staff, etc. If the event is, for example, a birthday party, reunion, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the “Horse Owners” could be attendees and you can really have fun naming the horses. We also produce a custom race program template and we can put a company logo, photograph, etc. on the front of the race program.

Do clients say anything about the races being animated?

In the past five years we have shipped hundreds of these all over the United States and into Canada and we have never had one, not one, adverse comment about the animation. We believe the biggest reason is that guests at events get so caught up in the excitement as a result of their names being on the DVD as the “Horse Owners” and they are so preoccupied screaming and hollering for their horses they don't really give much thought to the fact that it is animation. The animated, whimsical approach is much more conducive to a festive, fun-filled party atmosphere. Today people have too many serious things in their lives to worry about. When they see the colorful animation, psychologically, it denotes fun and entertainment. Of the top ten grossing movies in this country last year, most of them were either fully or partially animated. When you consider revenues generated by the Harry Potter series, the Hobbit series, the fact that Avatar grossed over $2.6 billion and other movies coupled with the popularity of video games (all using animation) it becomes quite clear that people simply don't mind animation. Again, they love hearing their names and seeing their names on the DVD, clutching their race programs and wildly cheering for their favorite horses!